Butterscotch Disk / Wrap 4 lbs.

Florida Chocolate Specialties is a major supplier of Bulk Candy of all types. We sell directly to Retail outlets and Certified Re-sellers in Florida and across the United States. Our products include....

  • Malted Milk Balls
  • Gummi Bears, Gators, Dinosaurs, Sharks, Monkeys, Frogs, Worms, Fish, etc.
  • Chocolate Stars, Waffers and Block Melting Chocolate of all types.
  • Individually Wrapped Hard and Specialty Candies and Nostalgic Items.
  • Sugar Free Candy.

Caramel Creams 5 lbs.

Florida Chocolate Specialties

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Orange Slices 5 lbs.

Milk, Dark and White Coco Melting Wafers

Atomic Fireballs / Wrap 4 lbs.

Root Beer Barrells

Cinnamon Disc / Wrap 4 lbs.

Buy Bulk Salt Water Taffy and Gummie Products.

At Florida Chocolate Specialties we sell hundreds of bulk items wholesale. Please call our  office at 727-585-4689 for a complete catalog of our products.

Bulk Hard Candy

Tempering and Melting Chocolate

Milk, Dark and White Block and Breakup Chocolate